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All our recipes are integrated over the whole fortnight.  This means that if you buy a small tin of tomato paste you will use it all up in that fortnight so you don’t have tomato paste languishing in your refrigerator growing mould.  Wastage is one of the major problems when cooking for one so we have designed our meal plans so that you only buy what you need for the fortnight.

Generally we only put in one recipe per fortnight that requires freezing, this is because some people just don’t like eating frozen meals and because people cooking for one sometimes have limited freezer space.  For instance someone in a share house might only have a small section of the freezer.  Freezing large quantities of food can lead to bad feelings among flatmates!

The recipes are generally low-fat, except sometimes you find that the low-fat equivalents are more expensive than the ordinary products.  Therefore we have used low-fat where possible, but kept to the ordinary product where the low-fat item is overpriced.  You can always substitute the low-fat item if you wish.

We will acknowledge the source of all recipes, many of them are based on old cook books used by our mothers during difficult and hard times and modified for modern tastes.

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