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May 31, 2011

To date we have attempted to design meal plans that provide all meals – main meals and snacks for a fortnight for either $55 or $60 per fortnight as this is probably what people on Newstart or Austudy benefits can afford to spend on food.

The main problem with Newstart is that because you are expected to look for work, you do need to maintain a car.  This expense, especially the petrol costs,  seriously limits the amount you can spend on food.

Personally I think students on Austudy must be doing it hard, as Austudy people do not receive the same amount of money as as people on Newstart.  Generally the best advice if you are on Austudy is to get a part time job which has something to do with food, as usually when you work in restaurants or bakeries for example, you do get to take food home.

I know there are many good-hearted people who will give all sorts of advice like buying food at farmer’s markets or vegie sheds or buying in bulk.  However if you really are on a low income you will know that spending $5 on additional transport to get to markets etc is a false economy.

You will also know that buying in bulk, when you are living on your own, is not a good idea as it inevitably goes bad before you can use it.  Not only that but if you have to spend $8 to buy rice in bulk, you may save money in the long term, but it will wipe out your meat allowance for the week in which you make the bulk buy.

Therefore we will be continuing with our plan of delivering the cheapest meal plans for the least amount of effort and cost.  We will shortly be adding meal plans for diabetics and adding an $80 per fortnight for those who have more available cash.

Don’t forget you can use our easy form for designing your own meal plans. You will find the link on this page. 

Please comment and alert us to any good recipes and  all the best for the winter months.


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