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May 23, 2011

Basically pesto is one of those things that you could make for yourself in season with fresh basil and pine nuts, but really it is a preserve.  People with a surplus of basil and pine nuts, made pesto.  It is meant to be preserved in oil rather than fresh.  Therefore pesto is one of those food items that you are quite justified to buy already made. Find a brand you like and go for it!

The trouble is that if you do buy a jar and are a singleton, the chances are that it will sit in the back of the fridge and you will waste some of it.

Here is growing list (we will stop at 10) of things you can do with pesto.

*Spread it on toast.  It is just like vegemite. No butter required.

*Swirl it thorough warm cooked pasta.  Nothing else is required.

* Spread on a home made pizza instead of tomato sauce, then add toppings of sundried tomatoes and grated cheese.

*Spread on a piece of toasted sourdough and then add chopped fresh tomato, salt and black pepper for a great bruschetta.

* Add to any dish instead of fresh or dried basil.  A 1/2 teaspoon is about equivalent to 1 teaspoon fresh but taste as you go to make sure.

* Pesto and Cheese Roll Ups.  Make a scone mix.  Pat it out into a rectangle and spread with pesto.  Sprinkle over grated cheese.  Roll up the rectangle into a roll and cut through every 2 cm.  Place the rounds on an oven tray and cook as for scones.

*Pesto Dressing – Place 1 tspn of pest in a screw top jar.  Add 3 tbspns olive oil and 2 tbspn of white wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar.  Screw on lid and shake mixture until emulsified. Taste and adjust seasonings. Pour over salad or warm new potatoes.

Any ways you use pesto that you would like to add?

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