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May 21, 2011

As a child every holiday we went to Coles to spend our holiday money and as a special treat we had lunch in Coles Cafeteria.  The Cheese Dream was my favourite. It is basically a toasted cheese sandwich or Croque Monsieur with a small amount of salad.  It still makes a tasty lunch.

2 slices bread (sourdough is best)

2 slices cheese

some butter to cook the sandwich

1 small tomato

red onion rings

baby spinach, lettuce or rocket

small amount of French Dressing


1.  Make up a cheese sandwich and cook in a small amount of butter in a frypan on a moderate hot plate.  Turn with an egg slice and then press down on the sandwich to compress it.  As soon as the cheese melts take out of the pan.

2.  Make up a small salad using the tomato, onion and green salad vegetable.

Pour small amount of salad dressing on the salad and serve the sandwich with the salad.  Voila Cheese Dream.

Serves 1

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