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March 21, 2011


1 cup 4 Bean Mix

1 tomato (chopped)

1 zucchini (sliced)

1 tspn brown sugar (optional)

1 tspn oil

1-2 tortillas crumbled. (Bake tortillas in low oven 160 C until it is light golden and crispy.  Place in a clip lock plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin or mallet until the crumbs are fine.)

¼ cup grated cheese

1 tbspn water

Pepper and salt to taste


1.Heat the oil in a frypan on a hot plate.  Fry the tomato and zucchini and brown sugar in the oil for 1 minute or until caramelized.  Then turn down the heat to moderate.  Add the 1 cup of 4 Bean Mix and water to the pan and cook until the capsicum is beginning to look tender.  

2. Place the cooked 4 Bean Mix into a one person ovenproof dish and sprinkle Tortilla crumbs over.  Top with grated cheese.

3.Bake in a 180 C oven for 10 minutes or until the 4 Bean Mix is bubbly and the cheese is melted and golden.

Serve with a Green Salad

Serves 1

Variations:  Use any kind of chopped, cooked vegetables with the fried tomato.

Top with finely sliced partially cooked potato. (Boil potato halves for 15 minutes, cool and finely slice)Arrange slices on top of dish.  Top with cheese and bake as above.

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