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March 9, 2011


This fortnight we are starting from a completely empty pantry.  We have exceeded the $55 amount by $1.68. Check your fridge and pantry and put a line through any items from the list below that you already have.  All items were purchased from Coles Supermarkets.   I was lucky enough to buy 1 kg of pre-packaged carrots for .99c but this may have been a one-off.  Additional funds have been allowed for more costly carrots.

Vegetables & Fruit

Carrots 1 kg pre-pack                                                     0.98

Zucchini 0.230 g                                                                1.12

Spring Onions 1 bunch                                                  2.98

Navel Oranges 0.975 g                                                   3.81

Red Capsicum   (1)                                                          1.89

Tomatoes vine ripened 0.312 g                                 2.49

Lettuce Mix 0.032 g                                                         0.48

Whole Green Beans 0.182                                            0.91

Red Onion (1)                                                                     0.43

Loose Baby Spinach 0.077 g                                         1.15

Brown Onions (1)                                                             0.60

Green Cucumber (1)                                                       1.98

Potatoes   1 kg                                                                   2.48


Tuna in Brine 425 g                                                          2.19

Salmon Pink 415 g                                                           2.49

Shelf Items

Coles Oil                                                                              3.29

Plain Flour                                                                          1.75

Poppy Seeds                                                                      1.70

Porridge                                                                              1.76

Baking Powder                                                                  1.78

Icing sugar                                                                          1.99

Brown Sugar 500g                                                            1.90

Coles Lemon Juice 500ml                                             1.70

Coles Red Kidney Beans 400g                                     0.99

Coles Cannellini Beans 400g                                       1.00

Coles Borlotti Beans 400g                                            1.00

Eggs 1 dozen                                                                      3.00


Coles Light Cheese 250 g                                              3.49

Coles Light Cream Cheese 250 g                                2.99

Coles Skim Milk 1 litre x 2                                            2.36

TOTAL COST:  $56.68

Optional Items: You could add a bottle of soy sauce (about $1.60)  for the Vegetable Tempura and Tuna Fish Cakes or a packet of Nutmeg ($1.70) for the Eggs Florentine to make it up to the $60 per fortnight.

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