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March 9, 2011


Continuing our programme of low cost meal plans we introduce our series of $60 per fortnight meals. This means we start with a completely empty pantry as many people have no food supplies at all  when they move into a new apartment for example or when they first move out of home to start studying.

I was lucky enough to find 1 kg of pre-packed carrots for .99 cents.  As our menu only costs $56.68 you will have room to spend more on the carrots and possibly add some soy sauce for the Vegetables Tempura and Fish Cakes if you wish.

If you wanted to buy more fruit you could leave out the Baking Powder, Icing Sugar and Brown Sugar at a total saving of $5.67 and replace the Orange Caramel Pancakes and Orange Poppy Seed Muffins with fresh fruit.  Having plain Tortillas instead of Poppy Seed Flatbreads would also save you another $1.70 to go towards purchasing fresh fruit. The grand total of $7.37 would probably buy you 10 oranges for the fortnight. That hardly seems worth it as the baked goods do help with feelings of deprivation.  

In order to not feel so badly about the fruit situation I suggest that we see the fruit as just another item in the total fruit and vegetable allocation and use the fruit as a special ingredient in a main meal rather than as a separate snack or lunch item. I think the days of accessing unlimited amounts of fruit for snacking are over and we just have to learn to use fruits in a more sparing way.  What we are aiming for are 5 serves of fruit or vegetables every day.

To illustrate what we mean we have included a wonderful Spinach, Orange & Cucumber Salad with Citrus Dressing.  A single orange becomes the foundation for an entire meal.

We beat the protein shortage by combining beans in the colourful 4 Bean Salad.  This salad provides 5 main meals and 2 lunches.  The salad mix is used in two cooked dishes to beat monotony.



Make Poppy Seed Flatbreads on the weekend.  After you have made the Easy Salmon Quiche, cut into four, wrap segments in cling film and freeze remainder for later.


Monday to Friday: Porridge and skim milk with brown sugar. Saturday: Eggs Florentine

Sunday: Rosti


Poppy Seed Flatbreads with Cream Cheese and Green Salad, Tuna Fish Cakes.


Monday: Easy Salmon Quiche & Green Salad

Tuesday:  Spinach, Orange & Cucumber Salad with Citrus Dressing

Wednesday:  Tuna Fish Cakes & Spinach, Orange & Cucumber Salad

Thursday:  Warm Potato & Tuna Salad with French Dressing

Friday: Easy Salmon Quiche & 4 Bean Salad

Saturday: Tuna Fish Cakes & 4 Bean Salad

Sunday: 4 Bean Ranch Eggs



Make the Salmon Dip and Tortillas on the weekend.  Make the Orange & Poppy Seed Muffins on the weekend and freeze individually.


Monday to Friday: Porridge, skim milk and brown sugar Saturday: Orange Caramel Crepes: Sunday:  Orange & Poppy Seed Muffins


Rosti, Tuna Fish Cakes, Tortillas, Orange & Poppy Seed Muffins


Monday:  Salmon Dip & Tortillas

Tuesday:  4 Bean Mix Bake & Green Salad

Wednesday:  Easy Salmon Quiche & Carrot Salad

Thursday:  Cheese & Tomato Quesadillas

Friday:  Vegetables Tempura

Saturday:  Rosti

Sunday:  Easy Salmon Quiche & Carrot Salad

Shopping List – Fortnight 1 $60 menu

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