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March 9, 2011

Don’t panic about the size of this salad.  You will be cooking some of it to make additional meals.

1 400g tin Borlotti beans

1 400 g tin Red Kidney Beans

1 400 g tin Cannellini Beans

1 cup whole green beans (loosely packed) frozen or fresh (chopped into thirds)

1 red capsicum (trimmed, sliced and chopped into 2 cm slices)

½ red onion sliced finely


1.Drain tinned beans into a colander over the sink and rinse. 

2.Boil water and cook the green beans for 2 minutes.  Plunge under cold running water to stop them cooking any further.  When cool add beans to the salad.

 3.Add capsicum and red onion and mix.

Add French Dressing as you use the salad.

This makes a large bean salad.  It will keep in the refrigerator for about 3 days. Don’t panic if it looks too big as you are going to use the 4 Bean Salad as 4 Bean Mix in two other meals this fortnight.    Add dressing as you use the salad rather than all at once.  Cook and freeze any unsued salad for later use.


Use in wraps and with cold meat. 



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