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February 7, 2011

Sorry we are over by $1.30!  Perhaps you don’t need the oatmeal or could cut back a little on the ham and bacon. This shopping list assumes that you have brown sugar, garlic, chillis, ginger, curry powder, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, peanut butter from previous fortnights.  If you don’t have them you will have to add these items to your grocery list.  All items from Coles except the Sourdough Bread which is from Woolworths.

Fruit & Vegetables

1 fresh pineapple                         $1.68

White Seedless Grapes 250g   $1.34

Vine Ripened Tomato 500g       2.75

Carrots   0.362 g                                 .90

Quarter Cabbage                               1.49

New Potatoes              0.312 g        1.24

Red Onion 1   medium                        .66

Brown Onion 1   medium                     .55

Green Beans  0.127                                .63

Spring Onions bunch                          2.38

Loose Baby Spinach 0.0.27               .40

Zucchin1 0.217                                      1.30

Lettuce Green Mixed 0.0.67            1.00

Bismark Potatoes   1kg                         3.46

Oranges 5 pack                                        2.95

Meat & Fish

Pork Steaks Thin 3                                   3.89

Bacon Middle Rashers                            2.12

Sliced Ham                                                   3.17


Skim Milk 2 litres                                      2.36

Lite Margrine Nuttlex                             2.78

Coles Light Sour Cream       500g        2.74

Coles low fat cheese               250g       3.49

Off the Shelves

Oatmeal                                                        2.00

Eggs 12 pack                                               3.00

Wholegrain Mustard                               1.99

Tuna in Brine   425 g                                2.19

Berri Lemon Squeeze 250 ml               1.29


1 loaf sourdough bread                            2.90  (Woolworths)

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