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January 20, 2011

Go through your pantry to make sure you don’t have any of these ingredients.

As you can see I am some $1.20 over the $55 mark this fortnight.  The problem appears to be those pesky oranges and the fact I forgot to include the soy sauce!  Perhaps you can get oranges more cheaply where you live. 

All groceries are from Coles Supermarket except for the spices and soy sauce which are from IGA Supermarkets.  It is assumed that you will already have rolled oats, rice, yeast, baking powder, oregano and oil from last fortnight.  If not you will have to add them to this list.


8 chicken drumsticks                              $5.84

Salami 125 g                                                   1.45


Coles Skim Milk 2 litres                             2.36

Coles Feta Cheese                                        2.90

Vegetables and Fruit

Quarter Cabbage                                         1.49

Tomatoes (2)                                                1.49

Red Onion  (1)                                                .59

Brown Onions (3)                                        1.24

Ginger (1 knob)                                            1.59

Navel Oranges       (2)                                 2.48  (I have since found out this is a mistake.  The oranges are about 70 cents each which is still too expensive in my book.)

Bean Shoots 250g                                       1.97

Red Capsicum (1)                                        1.81

Lemons (5 pack)                                             .99

Stuffed Olives (loose)    125 g                 1.22

Green Cucumber                                        1.98

Apples (2)                                                      1.45

Coles Frozen Green Beans 500g           1.99

Carrots  500g                                                1.24

Baby Spinach 100g                                        .99

Chillis 3-4 red                                                1.50

Shelf Items

Borlotti Pasta Bowties                                   .99

Coles Brown Sugar 500g                             1.99

Coles Minced Garlic   250g                         1.56

Coles Eggs    1 doz                                           3.00

Coles Plain Flour 1kg                                     1.75

Coles Sundried Tomatoes  290g               1.75

Coles Lime Juice 250ml                              1.15

Sanitarium Peanut Butter 375g               2.92

1 Pkt 2 Minute Noodles                                   .62

Soy Sauce                                                         1.80

Spices and Herbs

Cinnamon                                                          1.59

Tumeric                                                              1.59

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