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January 19, 2011

1 cup dried pasta

1 tbspn olives (sliced)

1 tbspn salami or bacon (sliced finely)

1 tbspn sundried tomatoes (sliced finely)

2 tbspns crumbled feta

1 tbspn olive oil


1.  Place pasta in boiling water and boil until al dente (Cooked but still with some resistance).   Drain in colander and keep to one side.

2.  In a frypan cook bacon/salami in hot oil.  Add sundried tomatoes and olives.    When salami is cooked remove  pan from heat and add pasta to the pan.  Stir the pasta through.  Add feta and stir through.  Serve  warm.

Serves 1.

Variations:  Add 1/2 cup fresh rocket or spinach to the salami etc in the frypan.


Good Health Tip:  Replace plain pasta with wholemeal.  Replace bacon or salami with lean ham.

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