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November 12, 2010

This pizza is one of the cheapest ever and it tastes great!  We are making it after making the Calzone as you will have some dough left over.   It is only for one person.

1 quantity of Calzone dough (saved and refrigerated from making Calzone)

1/2  onion (medium to large) finely sliced in rings – (Use up to one large onion if you have it.)

2/3 cup grated cheese

1 teaspn brown sugar

1 teaspn butter

1 teaspn oil

1 teaspn lime juice/red wine vinegar or lemon juice


I like my onions to have a slightly burnt taste.  If this is not what you like, keep the heated pan on moderate to make soft caramelized onions.

Roll out the pizza dough place on an oiled tray and allow to rise again in a warm place for about 1/2 hour.  Spread pizza base with olive oil.

1.  Heat the oil in a hot pan (or moderate if you don’t like very browned onions).

2.  Put the sliced onions in the pan and allow them to crisp a bit if this is what you like.  Then turn the pan to moderate add butter and cook onions slowly.

3.  When the onions have turned golden brown add teaspoon of brown sugar and mix in with onions, cook for another minute or two.

4.  Add lime juice/red wine vinegar or lemon juice to pan and cook until it evaporates.

5.  Spread onions over pizza and cover pizza with grated cheese.

6.  Cook in a hot oven (225 degrees C) some 20 minutes.   If the cheese does not brown you can place it under the grill for a minute.

Serve with Green Salad

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