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November 5, 2010

Sometimes we just want something simple and comforting.  This is the best toasted cheese ever.

2 tbspns butter

more butter for spreading

3-4 slices of cheese

2 slices of good bread


1. Spread two slices of bread with butter and place cheese on top.

2. Heat frypan on top of stove and place 2 tbspns of butter in the pan.

3.  Place sandwich in pan and fry on moderate heat.  Turn when the bottom turns golden brown.

4. Press down on the sandwich with an egg slice or spatula and it is cooked when the cheese is oozing.

Variations: A Croque Madam is the same sandwich with a carefully poached egg on top.

Add a layer of baby spinach leaves before cooking;  Add a layer of finely chopped spring onions before cooking.

Add some sun-dried tomatoes before cooking.

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