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October 11, 2010

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t buy fresh products for less than their packaged counterparts?  I could not buy fresh limes or lemons this fortnight as the bottled variety was more economical.   If you can buy cheaper citrus where you live please replace with the fresh item.

This week we are using the one bottle of passata (Italian bottled tomato sauce) to make the sauce for the Pizza and provide the tomato stock for the very nourishing soup.

Once again we are baking our own flatbreads so do hop in and try them.  You will find they are much cheaper than the bought varieties and taste a lot better than bought, cheap bread.


Make the Italian flatbreads, Tortillas and Tomato and Bean Soup on the weekend.


Monday to Friday: Porridge and milk Saturday Cheese Omelette, Sunday Breakfast with the Lot


Italian Flatbreads, Tortillas & Cheese, Pizza, Corn Fritters


Monday:  Pan Fried Barramundi & Waldorf Salad with Sour Cream Dressing

Tuesday: Home-made Pizza & Green Salad

Wednesday: Tomato and Bean Soup

Thursday:  Corn Fritters and Creamy Slaw

Friday:  Tomato and Bean Soup

Saturday: Chicken Fajitas

Sunday: Broccoli with Cheese Sauce


apples, oranges. Curried Walnuts



Make tortillas, cheese scones  and Cowboy Beans on the weekend


Monday to Friday: porridge & milk. Saturday: Quesidillas  Sunday: Pikelets and Jam


Tortillas with Cheese and Salad, Cheese Scones


Monday:  Nachos with Sour Cream and Guacamole

Tuesday: Huevos Rancheros with Cowboy Beans

Wednesday: Pasta with Bacon, Mushrooms and Garlic

Thursday:   Macaroni Cheese

Friday: Curried Cabbage and Bacon

Saturday: Macaroni Cheese

Sunday:  Tomato and Bean Soup


apples, oranges, cheese, Cheese Scones

Shopping List for those who shop once a fortnight

Shopping List for those who shop once daily

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