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September 30, 2010


The assumption is being made that you have nothing in the cupboard!  Please put a line through any items you already have in your cupboard or refrigerator.

Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to buy fruit.  This menu is for emergency situations only, so we will return to fruit in the next fortnight.

All items have been bought from local Woolworth’s and Coles supermarkets

“W” means Woolies; “C” means Coles


Vegetables & Fruit

1 Capsicums Green $1.58 C

Ginger 1 nodule 0.89 C

Spring Onion 1 bunch  2.98 C

Celery Pieces  0.72 C

Roma Tomatoes 1.02 C

Brown Onions 2 large 0.76 C

Carrots s large     .78 C

Green Beans fresh  $2.00 C

Potatoes Kennebec  4       2.51 W

Potatoes Nicola or new  3      1.01 W

Lemons   1                                1.00 C

Avocado                                   1.89

Red Chillies (2)                         .80 C

1 orange                                     .30 C


Coles Dairy Cheese  $3.49

Coles Dairy Yoghurt  2.89

Coles Eggs (12)   3.00

Margarine  1.99 C

UHT skim milk  (2)  2.36 C


Wholemeal bread rolls (6)  2.75 C

Beans & Legumes

Corn kernels  1 tin   1.29 C

Meat, Poultry & Fish

Whole chicken   7.60 C

Tuna 425g  2.19 C

Shelf Items

1 pkt noodles      0.68  W

Coles rolled oats  1.76

Baking Powder  1.89 W

Raspberry Jam   1.55 W

Flour plain (1kg)  1.75 C

Rice   1.29  (Woolworths had a small bag of rice at this price.)

Spices & Herbs

Curry Powder     1.30 C

Note: Please feel free to replace any of these items if you fancy something different or if you find you can save more money.   Let us know how you went by posting below.  

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